To some African cuisine is considered an ‘acquired taste’.

To others, it’s spicy, oily and a calorie bomb. To some it’s unhealthy and not a dietary option.

Hold up…and here is why you should reconsider

  1. The complex carbs are gluten free and a good source of fiber. Think plantain, yam,

Cassava, potatoes, etc. If you are on the gluten free train, try these as part of a balanced diet.

  1. Vegetarian options abound. Yes, the love of meat is real. However, mushrooms, beans, locust beans, spinach, kale, jute, okra, bitter leaf, melon seeds, bush mango seeds and countless leaves, fruits and nuts exist. There will never be a dull moment in your diet.
  2. You can cut back on the oil. Yes you can! Not all soups call for much oil. Besides oil palm is loaded with antioxidants, and coconut oil is good for cardiovascular health.
  3. Easy on the stomach (if eaten in moderation). Your fufu should be no more than the size of your fist. Once it starts to fill a 10 inch plate, you have gone over the daily recommended carb allowance by the FDA. Most fufus are made from fermented carbs. They digest better in the belly, the contribute to the healthy flora if the gut. Don’t shy from them. Enjoy them in moderation.

Before you say ‘buh-bye’ to jollof rice, we hope you will give these reasons a second thought