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A Journey 2 years and counting

I did not choose food. Food chose me. Although I come from a lineage of chefs, bakers, streets vendors and wholesale produce merchants, I never considered food and hospitality. Like many immigrants, I came to the US to pursue the American dream. I went to the best of schools (Smith College and Harvard University), my […]


Deconstructing the myths about African cuisine

To some African cuisine is considered an ‘acquired taste’. To others, it’s spicy, oily and a calorie bomb. To some it’s unhealthy and not a dietary option. Hold up…and here is why you should reconsider The complex carbs are gluten free and a good source of fiber. Think plantain, yam, Cassava, potatoes, etc. If you […]


How It All Began

Welcome to TamBo’s Kitchen! This is a dream turned reality.  It all started 10 years ago with an idea to provide excellent food with professionalism. What started with just one customer, an order of jollof rice, chicken and plantain has since grown to a customer base of thousands, and a brand known in Massachussetts and […]